About us

Africanews365.net is an online content portal for Tangaza Africa Media, a media content research and communications consulting firm. Our vision at Tangaza Africa Media to become the leader in media content knowledge economy in South Africa and the African continent. Through staff, associates, and partners institutions, Tangaza Africa Media brings together experts with a broad range of skills, experiences and perspectives on media content monitoring and analysis, public communications research.

Media monitoring capabilities

Our content footprint comprises hundreds of South African media outlets, including national, regional and suburban newspapers and consumer magazines. In addition, we cover over 50 radio and television stations, and over 700 news websites across Africa.

Analysis capabilities

We are proud of our unique methodology of media content analysis. A rich blend of quantitative and qualitative elements, our methodologies are the product of great refining and thought over many years. The methodologies are especially appropriate and robust in measuring media reputation of all organisational activities, as well as in capturing trends and patterns of media engagement with the organisation’s communication messages. Our philosophy of media content analysis is conceptually premised upon a ‘wheel’ of interactive varieties of media reputation. Notably, our comprehensive methodology is consistent with global best practices and a product of many years of research.

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